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Our Mission

To empower 10,000 Authority Entrepreneurs to build global movements and 7 & 8 figures businesses by Dec. 2024.

Global Authority Movement

Four Ways We Can Help You

We want to help you create more influence, income and impact.  

#1 - Want to 10X Your Business?

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or service professional that wants to not only survive the chaos and panic in the marketplace right now, but actually grow significantly, you must attend this: The Fastest Way To 10X Your Business ... Ten Revenue Generating Super Strategies! 

#2 - Emerging Authority

For the early stage or emerging authority we help you earn $250,000 a year as an authority even if you can’t market your way out of a wet paper bag by helping you create a high ticket, high margin and high impact program (what we call a Game Changer Program) and a Master Class to market it.  

Game Changer Program

#3 - Established Authority

And for established authorities we help you scale your movement with what we call our Million Dollar Book Launch, where we literally guarantee a seven figure income.

#4 - Run For You

Our highest level engagement.
 We run lead generation, lead conversion, collecting funds, managing the team and you just be your awesome authority.

We've Helped Hundreds of Entrepreneurs Change Their Lives, And We Can Help You As Well . . . 

Class with Value

"Great Master Class with value. I enjoyed the training as it is appreciable to have people who know what they are talking about. So many trainings out there are a waste of time with coaches who don't deliver or seem to be discovering the wheel. Today wasn't the case, Tom and David shared good content and I would love to work with them 🙂"

Maileys Gatimel

Maverick Trainer and Coach for Leaders


Best Ever

"I have attended at least a hundred Webinars and Mastermind presentations and Tom's and Dave's was the best I've ever had the pleasure of attending. The subject is high ticket sales which I know very little about the strategies and tactics to pull that off. The Mastermind class cleared up a lot of my questions and all I can say is I'm IN 100%. Thank you both for taking the time and sharing so many of the facts we all needed. It truly was outstanding." 

Frank Welzig

Many Insights

"I attended Tom's 3-hour masterclass yesterday and stayed up well past my bedtime to do so. And you know what? It was totally worth it. I understand now why Tom holds these 3-hour masterclasses instead of the customary 1-hour sales webinars. Among the many insights that I got from him last night, this one is my favorite: “Anyone who thinks that money can’t buy happiness hasn’t given enough away.” ~Cady Charfen (Major paradigm shift happened.) I'm looking forward to Tom's next masterclass. And I don't mind even if I have to stay up late again. Thanks a ton, Tom! " 

Rohi Shetty

Owner at Holistic Health Writing Services


Tons of Pure Value

"I had the opportunity to attend Tom's awesome master class - tons of pure, implementable value just from the master class, which I could pick up and start using in my own business immediately. I was also struck and inspired by the overall mission of his firm to do good while doing well. Tom's walking the walk for sure."  

James Considine 

Head of Business Operations & Chief of Staff


Big Takeaway

"The Authority Masterclass and the Book Masterclass were very entertaining and informative about getting a business going. My biggest takeaway is the unique Guarantee as no one else is doing this!"  

Jane Gardner

CEO - JGardner Marketing Ltd.  


Worth the Time

"I attended and actively participated in Tom's 3-hour Master Class. Useful overall info-sharing and orientation towards this work. I appreciated his revelation of not being perfect himself or always getting it right. Worth the time."

Susan Axelrod, CCP

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