about us

Our Mission

Our mission at Embark is to empower 10,000 Authority Entrepreneurs to build global movements and 7 & 8 figures businesses by Dec. 2024

Our Team

Our Strategic Partners

Our Masterminds & Coaching Programs

In addition to leading coaching Programs and multiple Masterminds, we believe in constantly “sharpening the saw” ourselves. Here are a few of the Masterminds and Coaching Programs we’re participating in.

Our Big Why

We believe that every entrepreneur should have access to resources, tools and people that will help ensure their business and life are an incredible success.

We believe these resources and tools should be fun to use, scalable and available to all who will use them wisely.

In everything we do we believe in challenging the way the game of business is played and as a result, we play a different game with different rules with a very different outcome.

We just happen to have created the world’s first series of high ticket programs that literally guarantees results.

How do we do this?     

First, we play a different game with different rules.

– We give away our content for free. Always. 

– We make money helping people apply the content.

– We guarantee results every single time.

Second, we believe in doing less and achieving more.

– Most business leaders shouldn’t be doing everything themselves. 

– They’re wearing too many hats. 

– Just because you can’t hire someone today doesn’t mean you should be doing it.

Third, we believe in serving our community and our bottom line at the same time.

– We call this Strategic Philanthropy. 

– Making money and doing good at the same time just makes a whole lot more sense. 

– It’s a lot more fun.

What Movement Will You Start Today?