Start Your Movement

The Six Steps to Creating Your Movement

#1 -Your Ideal Target Market

The first step to creating your movement is to find your Ideal Target Market. Click here to watch this video. (2:30)  

#2 - What "Pain" Do You Solve?

The second step in creating your Movement involves being crystal clear on the pain you're solving for your Ideal Target Market. 
Click here to watch this video. (2:39)  

#3 - Your Common Enemy

The third step to identify your "Common Enemy" or dictator to rally your Tribe against. Click here to watch this video. (2:48)  

#4 - Identify Your Inciting Incident

The fourth step is to create or identify an Inciting Incident to launch your Movement. Click here to watch this video. (3:21)  

#5 - Your Rallying Cry

The fifth step to create your "Rallying Cry" to inspire others to join you in your Movement. Click here to watch this video. (2:53)  

#6 - Unifying Beliefs

The sixth step is to create your Unifying Beliefs that support your Rallying Cry and build legs under your Movement. Click here to watch this video. (4:53)  

What Movement Will You Start Today?